Saturday, April 30, 2011

this day last year

I remember this day last year very well...

I was pregnant and excited to meet our little who was due in 3 days.
I was very uncomfortable, tired, big and hot all the time.
I was talked in to going to the Tribeca Film Festival for the 3rd time that week.
I was looking forward to seeing 3 films that night.
I was unable to sit still during the film Into the Cold
I was exhausted, hungry and nauseated all at the same time.
I was uncomfortable, tired and hot all the time. (really, and that is why it is stated twice)
I kept thinking that my pants were too tight and getting tighter.
I was more than 30 mins away from home when I started labor.
I was in labor for a while before I decided we could call the doctor.  (I did not want to be sent home)
I was right that it was time.
I was admitted at 2 AM May 1st.
I was a mom 7 hours later.

... and tomorrow I will have been a mom for 1 whole year.  Wow, wow, and WOW.

Friday, April 29, 2011

coming up in May

Did you know that every day is a holiday, somehow, somewhere?  To make my day to day more exciting, I want to "celebrate" daily holidays.  Maybe not every day but at least I'll know what to celebrate when I want to.  Look over the list and just tell me there isn't one that catches your eye.  Enjoy!

01 -  May Day, Stepmothers Day, World Laughter Day
02 -  National Play Your Ukulele Day
03 -  National Two Different Colored Shoe Day, National Teacher Day, Public Radio Day
04 -  Great American Grump Out, Star Wars Day
05 -  National Day of Prayer, Cinco de Mayo, Totally Chipotle Day
06 -  Military Spouse Appreciation Day, No Pants Day, No Diet Day
07 -  Astrology Day, National Scrapbooking Day, National Homebrew Day
08 -  Mother's Day, No Socks Day, Stay Up All Night Day, Remembrance of lives lost in WWII (my words)
09 -  Accountants Day
10 -  Windmill Day
11 -  Eat What You Want Day, Receptionists Day, Donate A Day's Wages To Charity
12 -  National Nutty Fudge Day, Limerick Day
13 -  Frog Jumping Day, Blame Someone Else Day, Friday the 13th
14 -  The Stars And Stripes Forever Day, National Chicken Dance Day
15 -  National Day Of Families, National Chocolate Chip Day, National Straw Hat Day
16 -  Biographer's Day
17 -  World Information Society Day
18 -  Mother Whistler Day, International Museum Day, Visit Your Relatives Day
19 -  May Ray Day (i had no idea what this was so here's where i found out)
20 -  National Bike To Work Day, Rhubarb Day
21 -  Armed Forces Day, National Endangered Species Day
22 -  Neighbor Day
23 -  National Taffy Day, World Turtle Day
24 -  Brother's Day, World Geographic Bee
25 -  Cookie Monster's Birthday, Nerd Pride Day and Geek Pride Day, World MS Day
26 -  Scripps National Spelling Bee
27 -  Old-time Player Piano Day, National Wig Out Day
28 -  International Jazz Day
29 -  Rural Life Sunday Day
30 -  Memorial Day
31 -  World No-tobacco Day, What You Think Upon Grows Day

*  these are only the holidays i chose to list.  there are others i did not include.  if you are interested in learning about more daily holidays in May then go here (which is where I gathered my info).  There are some pretty humorous holidays out there.

* Mark your calendars and make a "Day" out of it!

//  Happy May Days!

making history at 4AM EST

"Every Wedding is a Royal Wedding as We are All Subjects to the King of Creation"

I believe in marriage.  I adore LOVE.  This lovely occasion celebrated both.

Why do I care about the Royal Wedding as an American?  Its a Fairy Tale come true!  This really happened for one lucky common girl and that is spectacular and epic.  I had to watch it happen. 

I am so glad that Zack got out of bed first (We both set our alarms for 4 AM.  He was excited to watch it too.)  I am glad I was able to witness history in the making and with my love.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

today's holiday

Today we celebrated Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day.  Did anyone else celebrate it?  I had been looking forward to this holiday all week! 

Check out how darling my little boy is holding his daddy's hand, ready for his first day at work.  I melted when I saw them holding hands...  so cute I could eat them!  its LOVE

// we had a nice holiday, today.  I can't wait for next year. 

pieces of progress

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

estate sale

Ever heard of the Cosby Show?  Well, we went to an estate sale in the brownstone next to the official Huxtable house this weekend.  I can't tell you how many times I have walked down this street from before we were married until now.  Tourists are always gathered around taking pictures of these buildings, and I am always wondering what it looks like and who is inside.  Well now I know, at least about the white one.  (I was not really impressed.)

this fabric was super cheap and saved me a trip to the fabric store

This gorgeous vintage bedspread is one of my favorite finds.

these other little treasures we also came home with. 

*  but I can't forget about my most favorite findCheck it out here... its this darling little vintage rocking chair for our almost one year old.

*huxtable house image

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

anniversary date

every month on the 26th I always get giddy because it is our anniversary date.  so, I wanted to start a tradition of going out together on the 26th of each month.  This will be something special to look forward to each month.  I like a good schedule and this is one more thing on my ever-developing one.

* while I was really looking forward to going to one of my favorite restaurants, in the end, we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and hit up The High Line.  Can you believe we haven't been there yet?!   We dined on hoagies and milkshakes we picked up at Chelsea Market all while enjoying the last rays of today's sun.  After some playing in the water we called it a day.

*  there really is nothing like being outside with your family.  I long for a yard but if I can't have that yet, I'll settle for a city park that isn't crawling with everyone in the neighborhood and their dogs at all hours of the day.   one day...  one day...

I love Zack!


 * I made the recipe up myself from a picture I saw somewhere.  It was yum!

//  we're going to wait a week (for the next "treat a week") after this one, its so rich

:: update :: today all I ate was this brownie trifle.  it is that good!

Monday, April 25, 2011

maed :: baby wipes

My baby has a really sad bum right now.  He has really bad diaper rash.  We've gone through 3 different diaper creams and reordered 3 more.  Regular wipes hurt him so badly.  Instead of having to give him a quick bath to clean him off between diapers, I thought of something that would work better.

So, with a sore butt he needs some gentle wipes.  We've been using his burp cloths with water, but when he needs his burp cloths we are out of luck (and I don't like sharing them for both problems).  I needed to come up with a solution.  I took a soft blanket we had just floating around (which I got from good will for $2.50), cut it into roughly 4" strips, then into 5" squares, and that's it.  Instant set of wipes.  Did It Myself

*  now my boy will have a gentle wipe-down each diaper change.  Any suggestions for a simple water-based wipe solution?  

//  I'm hoping to finish a few sewing projects next.  Yay for the weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter sunday :: dress refashion

*  A beautiful holiday that also, for me, represents the death of Winter and the new life of Spring.
*  I am wearing a skirt I made out of a $6 dress.  This is officially my first (of many, I hope) refashioning endeavors.  One down many to go.

//  I love my little Easter family.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

planning & my desk

I recently announced that I'm working on a big project.  In order to keep things swiftly moving I have come up with a perfect calendar system that works perfectly in my little apartment.  I have a new desk area and it seems like it will work really well.

*  I use little sticky notes and take them off when the day is over.  The med. sized sticky note on the top is for what to accomplish this week.  Its very easy to update, and follow.  I have gotten so much done using this calendar in the last 2 weeks.  Give it a try!

//  Now, I have to get to work!

Friday, April 22, 2011

happy earth day

I'll be toting my favorite bag around today with some Earth Day pride

US of A

On this Earth Day I wanted to share something that is making me more aware and excited about being better to our earth, this land, that I live on.

I checked out this book, United States of Americana from the library and I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it.  I intended on just skimming some of the chapters but I am reading every word of every chapter.  It talks a lot about how people are "going back to the land" in their daily living these days, despite whether or not they live on "land".  This is the perfect help/inspiration book for me as I am trying to live a simple life, sort of the life I might live if I lived in the country.  Simply said, I'm  trying to live in this large, very much NOT THE COUNTRY, city of New York.

*  I want so much to have a garden!

//  now I need to finish it before its due.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 feel-good things : April

No. 1  count your candy before you bite (they say you eat less if you count them) - I eat 11

No. 2  take decorative to delicious : pesto deviled eggs -  

No. 3  add luster to your locks : clean your brush - clean our brush & maybe get my own

No. 4  quit while you're ahead : don't over do your exercise - I remember this when I am running

No. 5  spruce up your desk : add plants, photos, art to work space - Spring Sticks on my desk

No. 6  sweat with your pet : go on walks after dinner - evening walks with baby, brilliant

No. 7  howl with laughter : with mouth open for better mood - do this everyday with O baby, see if he copies me

No. 8  breathe easier : clean blinds - dust window sills and clean curtains

No. 9  reduce, reuse, refresh : water bottle alternatives, add lemon, lime or orange - bike rides + lime water

No. 10  be grateful for coworkers - my coworker is my husband, I have an idea of how to show my gratitude...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Camping - April 2011

We introduced our baby to the wilderness this weekend.  It was a success in that he and we enjoyed it greatly.  It was a fail as far as weather is concerned.  We definitely got rained out.  It didn't stop us from taking plenty of pictures though.  The place we went was Fahnestock State Park.  It was good for being so close to the city, only about an hour away and with no tolls along the way. 

*  We brought a few items to make the trip more comfortable with our baby: this travel bed, our Ergo carrier, and these bowls are the best for travel.

*  We ate simple yet hardy meals, all prepared before hand and just required being tossed on some hot coals in the fire.  I found this recipe for Hobo Potatoes that we loved.  I couldn't find hash browns in our grocery store so I mashed up some frozen fries.  I found a ton of yummy recipes that I hope to try in the future on this website.

*  What am I wearing, you ask?  Well, it was freezing, so, all of the clothes I had, of course.

//  I love camping.  I love gathering the wood, building the fire, preparing food, sitting around watching the fire, the trees, the dirt, the fresh air.  I love camping and I can't wait to go again, soon.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Magazine Rack

If you followed over from the other blog address, you know that I like my magazines.   The Magazine Rack is where I share my favorite finds from my monthly magazine collection.

// Enjoy!


Treats are good for everyone.
We like them so much in our house that I try to make one once a week.
I'll be sharing some of our favorites.

*  when I was a kid my mom would make these for us.

*  I found this recipe which seemed to match my moms pretty well.

//  Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Here's to a good week!

I was not feeling like myself yesterday.
Today its lingering but its just a little bump in my road this week. 
It was BEAUTIFUL out today. 
My baby and I strolled around soaking up some sun (vit.D)
I so appreciate how my city sometimes looks like the country with blooming/colorful flowers.
Our entry smells like campfire due to the pile of clothes I need to wash. 
My Today's List is getting longer for tomorrow. 
I think it will be pizza tonight for dinner. 
A treat a week picture and recipe to come... its a classic that I love.
I decided to fore go my planned posts for today and write some real details.
There is much planned to do this week. I hope to feel better tomorrow to ensure success this week.
I have all of the ingredients for a brownie trifle staring at me everytime I go in my kitchen.... I guess I'll add that to the list too.  hehe
I am really pumped to add some time onto my Yoga Hours - starting tomorrow of course. 
I miss Zack already (I always miss him most on Monday's) and can't wait for another weekend.
I'm feeling motivated and excited but, I think I need to go take a nap so I have some energy later. 

//  Here's to a great week!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Skirts

We were away camping and recovering this weekend.  So, for today's Sunday Skirts I'm sharing 2 links for tutorials that I'll be using SOON for my Sew Many Things list.  Maybe you can whip up some skirts before I do.

For me:

For my nieces:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grandmothers' Goodness

My mom, Gram, Aunt Drew

Things Gram did that I loved:

made tablecloths from sheets
cut out pictures from fabric to frame
used modge podge to cover books and (recycled) cans with fabric
she saved old bottles and would use them to plant "starts"
she embroidered a lot - framed it all
made amazing casseroles
was a championship bowler
refashioned her clothes regularly

*  I am inspired by my grandmothers.  Also, I am named after Gram.  Her name is Gladys Mae, my name is Linda May.  I love our names!

*  I never imagined how often I would reflect on my grandmothers' lifestyle.  They both did everything from home decor, hobbies, dress, cooking, etc. by hand or re-purposing and making things from scratch.  They were truly frugal yet lived such a rich life.  They were wonderful women and I am so grateful that I grew up with them in my life.  And its true, when you become a mom, you appreciate your own more and more.

//  I hope to post often about my thoughts and memories of my grandmothers.  There will be projects inspired by them too.  I am also trying to round up pictures of them to share.  This project is so motivating and rewarding.  I love my grandmothers!

Friday, April 15, 2011

a big project

This is just a sneak peak into a big project I am working on.  
Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A happy day.

It all started with beautiful weather followed by...

lots of fun play time and books read to my Boy
laundry finished
my Boy now drinks from a straw cup
lunch with ZackDaddy
a surprise package
a nap
a project that I am so excited about got started
welcomed Zack home with dinner (this doesn't happen as often as I'd like)
playing with cameras
and then the moment I was waiting for all day...
a new, faster, portable version
For: Me   From: Zack

Sew Many Things

Sew Many Things : 2nd/27, as in, sewing projects during the 2nd year of marriage / and the 27 projects listed.  I decided to make a list of sewing projects that I'd like to finish before our anniversary.  I like that to be the beginning of new goals and such.  I look forward to documenting them here - continuing with this list in no particular order:

. chelsea bag
. skirts for nieces
. tag blanket
. cover crib bumper
. add ties to bumper
 .teething guards
. refashion thrifted skirt x 2
. sew adornments on niece's shirt x 2
. Christmas tablecloth and pillows
. curtains
. crochet hook roll x 2
. add to burp cloths
. etsy shop items (more on this is coming)
. seersucker pants for baby
. pillowcases for nieces x 2 
. summer skirts x 4
. soft shoes (2nd pair) for baby
. embroidered pillow cover x 2
. gray pillow cover w. fancy edge
. refashion dress x 2 1
. mend jeans, hoodie, 
. tova dress or tunic
. babies favorite blanket
. tohoku tote
. shirt dress
. bugs for baby
. travel blanket for baby

* long list but to me its not too daunting. I have all the materials for each item, all I need to do is focus.

* for the record, I am totally a beginner.  Really, I have no training besides the handful of times I sewed simple lines as a kid.  I didn't use a sewing machine for 15+ years before I got my own (a gift from my love).  Now I am a wife & mom and I am embracing the domestic genes each woman has.

* I am not a perfectionist when it comes to developing a new skill/hobby so that will explain a lot going forward.  I won't have any problem with how my projects turn out so, I am sorry if you do.  The point with this list and these projects is to become better...  Making life better and better day by day.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Queen Bee Market

If you're in San Diego, go to the Queen Bee Market .

Vermont Country Store

Years ago, while visiting my aunt in NH, I visited the Vermont Country Store.  I loved it.  It reminded me of my grandmother's house.  You can imagine my excitement when I saw it featured on the news.  I have since shopped its online store and requested a catalog.  The Vermont Country Store will be an instant favorite of any eco-conscious, traditional, American product loving person. Its an awesome "American" store.

  I am sending these old fashioned favorite to my 92 yr. old grandfather.
  He's going to love them!
  I hope he likes Horehound candies...

  * this is the store I visited years ago.   I remember sitting in this cool tire swing they had in the basement.