Friday, November 11, 2011

blog update

I'd like to thank you all for visiting my blog, not just today but for every visit you've ever made here.  Its nice to know I have readers, and if you've ever left a comment here, well, the thanks are many more for you then!

I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be regularly updating this blog.  I'll post now and again about major life events, shop updates and news but, it definitely won't be daily.

As always you'll still be able to find me elsewhere on the web:
     Etsy shop: LMT - Handmade
     Twitter: LMBlogs
     Pinterest:  Linda May
     Formspring:  LMTBlogs
     Facebook:  Linda May

...  Thanks for stopping by!

many thanks

...  Happy 11/11/11!  Today my grandfather was featured on the front page of his local newspaper because he is a 92 yr old WWII veteran.  I'm pretty proud of him and all of my family who have served our country, and there have been many.

...  Here is my latest mini book making adventure.  Each day the entire month of November, I am writing a few things I am very grateful for that day.  By the end of the month this little book will be filled with so many wonderful memories and will have helped make this Nov. a very nice and grateful few weeks.  

Remember our Veterans!

Today is Veterans Day.

Let's not forget those men and women who have and do serve our country in war.  I come from a family of many veterans.  There has been someone who fought in the American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and in the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.   I am sure I am not the only one with relatives who have fought for our country.  Remember them and thank them for their service and great sacrifice today!

*  For the complete calendar of all the November daily holidays, click here.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

always dreaming

I am spending less and less time online every day.  It feels good not to be so connected.  The internet really does suck you in and spits you out only after time has flooded away.  I don't like that about my life and I am trying to not spend so much time online.  When I do, I really like to check up on certain blogs that keep me feeling motivated and inspired to live the way I want to live.  These above links are some of those blogs.  I visit them daily and I never feel like time has been wasted after.  It takes 10 minutes at most and then I am off living my own happy life, being inspired to do the things I want to do in my own way.  Come to think of it, they have little or no words each post which speaks volumes if you ask me.  They mostly just contain real images from life and nature.  These are my favorite blogs right now.  They offer a healthy dose of good for the soul! And, that, my friends is always what I need.

//  I'll share my favorite crafty blogs next.  //

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a book party

Who wants to come over for a book making party.  You bring some paper (it can be construction paper from the $1 store or paper bags from Whole Foods or old scrapbook paper that is collecting dust in your closet, just bring whatever) to share + your favorite scissors or paper cutter and I'll provide the rest.  Come make a book to capture your holiday season or make one as a Christmas gift.  Let me know if you'd like to be included and I'll send you an invite.   I wish all of you distant readers could come too.  But. maybe you'll be in town for the next one.  I'm thinking Sat. the 19th.  Who's in?

Autumn leaf banner

Its true that I need to feel Fall all around me.  So, instead of peaking out of my windows trying to find new shades of color on the leaves across the river I brought them inside to be with me every moment, day or night.  I gathered these on our stroll in Central Park.  I think I started a new tradition...

All I did was tie each of the leaves on by making a slip knot (I think that's what its called).  Below is a short video tutorial.  Its super simple.  You must bring the Autumn leaves into your home in this way.  The light on the leaves is pure beauty.  Enjoy!

* Please disregard the background sound on the video. Next time, I know better than to film while the little one is playing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

handmade Christmas - sneak peek

Let's face it.  When November comes around, most everyone starts trying not to notice that the stores are all decked out or think about Christmas.  Well, the fact is that its hard to avoid even at the end of October.  This year, we're not going to be home for Christmas, but I am already feeling the itch to decorate our home and make peppermint and cinnamon flavored goodies.  After I saw this post today, I felt justified and supported in my Christmas spirit.

Let me just make one thing clear.  My house doesn't look like Christmastime right now, nor will it before or immediately after Thanksgiving.  But come December it will feel like Christmastime at my home! While I am not planning on decking out the halls like crazy, I will get us in the holiday spirit properly with a little decor, some lovely smells and treats to enjoy.  I see nothing wrong with that and it quite makes me happy, if I do say so.  So, having said all of that, this image is a sneak peak, some pieces of progress, of the holiday fare to come... 

Happy Holidays!  Like, Happy Thanksgiving, of course.  wink.

Monday, November 7, 2011

living life well

I want to remember this day because it was so simple and so disconnected from the internet and the media of today's world.

Today I lived life well.  Meaning, I lived my life like I always intend to and wish to.  

I... woke up happy, the husband wasn't rushed so I got to enjoy a few moments with him more than usual. 
I... took a shower before the baby woke up and again, wasn't rushed. 
We... had a nice oatmeal breakfast which weirdly made me so happy to have chosen such a healthy way to start the day for the baby and me. 
I... tidied as Odin played and played with him, too. 
I... folded and put away laundry. 
I... prepped lunch before the rush (exciting impatience from my toddler) started. 
I... only read my favorite blogs that inspire this kind of happy, healthy, balanced living and was finished without wasting time online - meaning I can count on one hand the blogs I went to to read, no reader and when I was done, I was done.  I shut the laptop and walked away.  I decided that I will save catching up on friends blogs and other blogs I follow on the weekend when I am too tired from fun and work that that's all I have energy for.
I... read my book and rested on my bed while my baby napped. 
We... sold our old stroller and threw in a car seat just because we felt generous. 
I... met a new friend, chatted with an old friend.
I... crafted with another friend that came for a visit.
We...  enjoyed some pizza and milk.  (If I don't have root beer to eat with my pizza its gotta be milk)
I... was surprised when Zack came home earlier than usual from work, that was awesome!
I... wore my hair down all day, its even long flowing as I type.  (smile)
I... watched the sing off but I'm getting really annoyed with the female judge who always calls the "Provo boys" adorable, cute, and boys. Seriously, they're not innocent children, be a little less parental.
I... crocheted some more and I'm actually making good progress.  Yay!
I... got to enjoy a long evening with my husband which rarely happens anymore. 
I... feel happy and pleased with this day. 

I feel like I deserve a good, long nights rest now.  Ah, that's a good feeling!

a treat for this week

To celebrate I'm going to make a yummy treat.  Its something I've been wanting to recreate since I saw it at the Vermont Country Store when we visited.  I can't wait to eat them!  If you make something, please share it with me, I'd love some more ideas for chocolate and almond goodies.

* For the compete calendar of the November daily holidays, click here.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

cruise travel book

I brought along a travel book and all my supplies to record and collect the fun adventures of my first cruise.  I was inspired by this accordion style book and while I like how mine turned out, I should have saved it for a shorter trip.  Its sort of hard to figure out but, oh well.  Lesson learned.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

beauty at the wall

beauty at the wall :: a series of beauty, art and urban nature, as I like to call it
walls don't only contain and limit us, they also move and inspire us

Friday, November 4, 2011

Daily Holidays : November

click on calendar to enlarge

* A few updates to the calendar.  I've added weekly and monthly holidays.  The monthly holiday(s) are in blue.  The weekly holiday(s) are in pink and start on the date indicated ending 1 week later.

And here they are again. Daily Holidays for the month of November. I plan on celebrating a few.  Enjoy!


While on our cruise last month, Zack was a contestant in the "game show" they had.  It was hilarious and I was so impressed with all the random stuff he knows.  He is always surprising me with his smarts and whit.  As you can see from the scores, he was leading pretty steadily then by the end it was a tie until finally...  he lost - see the bottom left photo.  I was so glad he did it, cause it was so fun!  The whole thing was really funny and my whole body was aching from so much laughter.  I felt very lucky that he was mine, especially when I heard that some ladies behind us said, "We love you Zack!" and "He's so cute!".  They were probably our moms' ages so it was no threat, just funny.  The game show was on the first night and for the rest of the cruise, admirers and fans would stop us in the hallway to say hi and offer congratulations on a job well done.  Hehe, my husband the game show contestant that all the old ladies think is so cute!  He is mine, and I know how lucky I am!

Happy Birthdate, Love!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

busy lately

Yay for November!  Wow, lately I've been so busy that I've hardly realized the days I've missed here.  I have good explanations for it and tons of blog posts already planned for this month.  I've had family in town and we've been planning a princess party for my niece.  Besides visiting with them and crafting away to get the party details just right, I've been playing outside a lot and busy in the kitchen making yummy treats. 

My 92 year old grandfather has been here with my mom and its been so nice to see them both.  I love hearing my Gramps' stories of his days as a fighter pilot in WWII.  His stories of survival and combat are intense and exciting enough for a best seller!  I am proud that I have so many war veterans in my family.  Besides visiting we took a little trip to the 9/11 Memorial.  Its a special place, that site. 

//  Life is good and house is messy...  time to get to the laundry!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

this was our Halloween

Other than buying and putting up some little Halloween cards.  (The image above is by the same artist.)  There wasn't much around to remind us of my favorite holiday.   And, actually, it was "mad scientist day" at our house today.  The scientists (me and Odin) went mad all day inside.  The house definitely looks like crazy people were locked inside all day, too.  We had crazy bed head all day, crawled around and played like little crazy (cute) people.  We watched some favorite Halloween movies and kept it low key.  It was an okay Halloween but we'll do better next year!

On the other hand, Zack's Halloween was quite remarkable.  He traipsed around town in a bottle...  you just need to watch this to understand.  It is pretty great how playful and fun my husband actually is.  He's a really good friend for a girl like me.  (The video is of Zack in the NYC Halloween Parade!)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthdate!

Today is my son's birthdate!  While I've been MIA here, I've been very active at home and outside with my boy.  We enjoyed the snow, a nice weekend with Daddy, time with visiting family, making plans for an upcoming party and all of the Halloween festivities.  Its sad to see October go but November isn't at all that bad.  I'll be much more present this month here on the blog, you can count on that. 

//  Happy Birthdate to my Odin boy and Happy November to you, friends!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

a little remembering

We spent our evening yesterday at the 9.11 memorial in lower Manhattan.  We got tickets weeks ago and have been looking forward to it since. (See the bottom of the post for how to get tickets to the 9/11 memorial last minute if they are not available from the 9/11 Memorial, website.)  It was definitely no disappointment.  It was beautiful despite all the construction.  Maybe it is just me but I felt a reverence there I imagine because it is a burial ground of so many.  We were really glad we went.  It was a nice little family outing.

//  If you want to visit the 9/11 memorial you have to get tickets in advance.  Its better to get them weeks even months in advance.  There is no stand-by line or anything like it.  However, there is another way to get tickets if you don't have them.  If you didn't get tickets to the 9/11 Memorial Site, you can still get them the day of your visit at the 9/11 Memorial Preview site at 20 Vesey St. (between Church Street and Broadway).  They start handing out a limited amount at 9AM so you'll want to get there early.  I don't know how many they hand out, so get there early!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

reading and yarn

I've been reading a lot lately.  Anne of Green Gables has been on my list for ever.   Its acting as a little lighter reading while I read The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James for my virtual book club.  Its definitely not a book I am just skimming through although its getting much easier each page I turn.  (Its a late 19th century story, fyi)  I just got a bunch of crafting books from the library along with Jane Eyre and The Hunger Games.  I am hoping to read them all quickly. 

*** As for the crafting, I'll share more later.  For now, lets just say there is a lot of yarn and embroidery floss involved.  I am having a ton of fun and I feel really happy when I'm working on my latest creations.  Hobbies are good and I am so happy that the ones I am choosing to spend my time on are bearing nice fruit. 

//  If any one has extra yarn,  they don't need/want, any length of any color, you can send it to me.  I would greatly appreciate adding (color especially) to my collection for free.  Thanks in advance!

our Anniversary date

Happy Anniversary date, love.

//  We're doing something pretty cool to celebrate.  Check back tomorrow for the details...