Friday, March 30, 2012

its that time of year again

I love this conference of our church.  There is never a time when I don't come away being filled with hope and motivation to be better.  I am always happier because I took the time to listen.  The best part is that its THIS WEEKEND!

Go HERE for the viewing times and links to watch for free online.  I wish the whole world would watch it, how much impact it would have!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

things I've missed

Its funny to admit but, I've missed my possessions while they've been in storage.  We've lived out of suitcases for a while now and its clear to me that I don't need much to get by in life.  Still, I can't wait to have these particular things back in my home:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
our king sized bed!
yoga mat
toys + books
all of our product (for my hair, body/skin, face)
fingernail polish
my dresses
Odin's crib
extra underwear
mini book making supplies
our shower head
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
We've been in limbo for 45 days now.   But, good news!  We're moving tomorrow!!!  I can't wait to unpack, decorate and get settled.  I have not been doing a healthy amount of nesting but that is going to change.  Get ready for many home decor and new life posts...

toast soldiers

Toast Soldiers are what Zack's mom calls cut up pieces of toast.  I thought it was the cutest way for him to get his grains in the morning so I enlisted some of my own "troops".  We have our soldiers uniformed in many different ways.  I'll share some more of them in the future.

These toast soldiers are made with butter, yum!

I anticipate many of these nicknames and tricks for getting my kids to eat their food in the coming years.  If you have some of your own, please do share!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

our Anniversary date

Every 26th of the month we like to celebrate our wedding anniversary date.  We usually go out to eat or take a walk somewhere together.  Its never a big deal but it is always special.  We really like celebrating a little each 26th.

This month we got to have lunch together and then spent the entire evening together, even if it was at the mall.  Everyone should celebrate their anniversary date!  Even if you get to bring your kids along like we do.  Its still sweet to walk hand in hand and tell each other 'happy anniversary date'.

root beer store

I hope you can see past the blurry, silly slippered boy and see the greatness that is at the Root Beer Store.  There are a couple of them here in Redmond, WA and we are fans.  They have over 150 different brands of Root Beer plus other orange and lime sodas.  Its a great place to go for a sugar fix.
However, no more root beer OR root beer floats for this pregnant lady over here.  Only after the baby is born will this be a treat, like on Saturday nights along with a nice big bowl of popcorn.  Sounds good right?!  I think so.  Its a tradition of my family's (not ever Saturday) and I think its a great one.  The key is moderation and portion control, people.  Then an RBF + popcorn dinner every now and then is just fine.  Just ask my Gramps.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anderson Park

Like I said in the previous post, I love this park!

* photo by Zack

thoughts at the park

This is Anderson Park.  Its my favorite place here so far.  These bright stumps make me smile every time I see them.  They are a welcomed site on these dark, wet days and the perfect remedy for any winter blues.  It is easy to have a clear and happy mind here. 
I've been surprised to discover how foresty it is here.  Trees are everywhere and in many places they are quite dense.  Our new house is among many of them and its a huge reason we decided on the house in the first place.  There are many trails in the area we'll be living and I can not wait to get going on some daily walks with my boy in his stroller.  I think we could both use some non-city walks for a change.

I'm having a hard time containing my excitement.  There is nothing like exercising in the outdoors.  This very large pregnant body of mine has been so neglected and it will be so good to get out on those trails.  I hope the fresh air and trees will offer all the motivation I need to get back in shape or at least get me on a good start for when after the baby comes...  Oh, that after-the-baby stage, why does it scare me so?  I see those trails becoming my life lines, sort of speak.  

Oh, I can't wait to bring my thoughts to those trails!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

lovely words

In my opinion, we don't use the phrase "Cheer up!" enough.  I think it is one of the kindest, most effective ways of spreading joy.  Say it to yourself or to someone you love today.  It is a very good thing indeed to have cheer in our hearts.

//  Happy Weekend!  //

Friday, March 23, 2012

handmade book : 60 days

This is my current mini book project.

I made this book to record our transition and the adventures of our move.  This *book came together when I realized I had so much time on my hands while we waited to find a house.  For this reason, I don't have any of my supplies except tape.  I've made do with what I had on hand and so far its working out just fine.
I was reminded with this book how easy it is to put together a mini book.  Its easy to fill when you gather things of meaning and memory then just sit down every once in a while and add things, photos and text.  I love having these handmade memories!

// I really hope that this book will be finished soon because that would mean we are moved in to our new house.  And, my life for the next chapter has begun.

* The bones of this 60 days mini book is a 6x8 downeast catalog I got at our new address.  I really like the idea of recycling old mail.  I will certainly do this again in the future.


The following is an other voice message I left for Zack on his Google Voice account. When he gets a voice message it emails him the text. It is always wrong, very wrong. Here is one of the voice messages I left for him recently. Its better if you read it out loud.  Enjoy!

Hello, I was hope. Of The Atlanta it's like island. The bye. What on. He could now have on Eric not. 
Eric. I hope you had a quick playing. Talk to you later. I love you so much, Ian end of the really good oak. Yvonne. So, thing okay dot com here ever. I love expo and okay My and bye now. 
 Hello Hellookay When you think that Steen, I'll talk to you soon. Later.  
Yes, Have fun tomorrow. Hi.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sanity through writing

I made this book for the journal to be filled for my "29 things before I turn 30" list.  Out of that list, that is probably the only thing that is getting done.  I didn't factor in a relocation or a pregnancy when I made that list.  I'll have to make it my "29 things to do" list instead.

I've been writing a lot in this little book.  It is so nice to record anything and everything.  I use it for everything from thoughts to complaints to beautiful moments to rough times.  Its my calendar, my do to list and my sketch book.  I highly recommend making yourself a journal (even if its repurposed like mine) because it makes writing in it a whole lot more enjoyable!

Here's to maintaining sanity through writing!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm going to have AN OTHER baby!  

I had my first baby appointment here in our new city.  We experienced a new way of doing things in a new office, and took a tour of the maternity ward at the hospital.  It brought a lot into perspective for me.  Clearly, in the time that I first learned that I was pregnant, I've been quite busy.  I have been thinking about and very much preoccupied by nothing but the following:

. the year ending 2011 holidays,
. waiting to find out about a coast to coast relocation,
. searching for rentals then finding out about the possibility of buying a home,
. waiting for movers to be arranged by someone else,
. packing for 3 people for a 2 month stay
. searching for homes and meeting often with a realtor trying to be patient in the house hunt,
. figuring out transportation (do we get one car or two?  do we buy new, lease or buy used?),
. living out of a suit case for the last month,
. making do with the very basic household appliances provided,
. entertaining and making sure my toddler has an easy transition,
. insuring that Zack has a happy and supportive home while he goes through this job change

As you can see that is a lot to have on one's plate.  And, while I obviously haven't escaped the fact that I am pregnant (more morning sickness this time, bigger, tireder, achier, growing belly/body) it has not at all been a daily focus.  Until tonight!  I realize that in just 3.5 months I'll be giving birth to another child!  Our whole family dynamic is going to change, again!  That is a lot for one to handle... that's why we have 9+/- months to prepare for it.
Since the last 6 or so months have been all about hoping and prepping for this relocation, my mind has been everywhere other than on myself.  It shows too, unfortunately.

So, while I am very much excited about this baby to come, I just need to get a few things done.

* images - with my crazy gloved boy walking from our appointment - Zack gave him that glove to help him stay entertained during the Dr. appointment.  Needless to say, he was a bit obsessed and hasn't stopped playing with it since. next image: feeling large and very much overweight, overwhelmed and stressed.  

//  I'm so lucky that I have my little boy who's so sweet and good and my sweet husband that treats me so well and loves me so perfectly. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

green weekend

  Weekends since we moved here go by so quickly.  This weekend was probably the fastest since we had to drive a ways to see a car, Zack hurt his back, and we were all exhausted on Sunday and took long naps.  We did manage to enjoy some milk and (barely) St. Patrick's Day donuts which was a fatty-good treat for all.  Odin got the green one.  I am sad to admit that no one wore green that day so we all got a hearty pinching from the other.  It was funny.
 Lately Odin and Zack like to sit together and shell pistachios to eat.  Its the cutest thing, and now Odin can say "nuts".  Odin loves to lay on and cuddly anything that is soft and squishy so the body pillow (that we got for me but doesn't fit in this temporary bed) is his favorite thing besides his "little guy".

The other night we went to the library after Zack's work.  I  found some books for me while he stayed and read to Odin in the kids area.  That was a nice break and I was reminded of how much I love libraries.  Zack took a long nap on Sunday and I just read my books and magazines and it was lovely...  then I took a nap too.

Weekends go by so fast right now!   I look forward to moving into our house soon and having only living and relaxing to do rather than settling-in errands, cars and houses to shop for, go see and purchase.  Oh, that will be nice...  but then it will be time for this baby to come and then life will whirl by with plenty to do, again.

Thus the rythm of life. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

happy to report

We're done looking for a house to buy.  
For now, we're going to rent.  
End of story. 

But, of course details to come...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 At the end of the night it started snowing, pretty good!  The funny thing is that we were 10 mins north of our apartment.  When we got home, it was barely raining.  Its crazy how elevation really makes a difference.  I think we need to live 10 mins away so we can have snow more often.  I love snow!
Odin was so happy, he just kept smiling and trying to eat the snow.  
That was the cutest part of the whole thing for sure!

Monday, March 12, 2012

twenty two

We are both at 22!  O boy is 22 months old and I am 22 weeks pregnant. 

I'm so sad that we didn't get more belly shots before this one.  Its been a crazy last few months and I just haven't felt as excited about having pictures taken of me this time around.  But, I am making a point of taking more belly shots from now on.  We'll do it for this baby coming in July.


The following is an other voice message I left for Zack on his Google Voice account.  When he gets a voice message it emails him the text and its always wrong, very wrong.  Here is one of the voice messages I left for him recently.  Its so incorrect, its humorous.

Call me any. The password for the interested. Sorry Sergeant. I love you bye. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

waiting, waiting

 Lately I'm feeling like my life is one big hunt.  Patiently waiting as ready as can be for that prey or house and car to walk my way.   It shouldn't be hard but it is!
As nice as it is to have a lot of time in my days whilst house and car hunting (did I mention we're also looking for cars?) its sort of easy to get lost and distracted, too.  I'll admit, I'm not easily motivated and I'm certain that I was supposed to be born in the more rebellious and fun eras rather than this technology driven and fast paced one.  But, alas, I am here and honestly I am trying to make the best of it.
When we moved we knew that we had a specific time frame to find a house and car.  So far we've done our very best at both.  If you know my husband at all you know that he does not rest until his desired purchase is found and obtained at the absolute best price out there.  But, we can only do so much looking, researching, comparing, emailing, etc.  The real game of "hunting" is the waiting.
Everyday we check the listings, email our contacts and pray that a new listing will mean the end of our hunt.  But, so far after several cars missed, trips to dealerships, hours online, and 34+ houses viewed, we have come up with nothing.  That isn't bad news by any means it just means that this waiting will just continue until the time runs up.
So now, the reason I began this post in the first place, how am I spending my "waiting" time?  Well, between the rainy days, a toddler who needs his naps, a household with a limited wardrobe that produces much laundry, figuring out how to grocery shop with a car + toddler + pregnant tired self you'd think there was not much time left in a day.  Well there is, and plenty of it.  AND STILL I seem to waste a lot of it and get bored and anxious and impatient and feel fat and slow and tired.  Life is not so productive over here.  I'm getting pretty sick of it! 
There have been many times in my life when I've just had too much free time on my hands and I enjoy it but it isn't ever as productive as it should be.  Now is a time though, that I am dying to be productive (probably the nesting bug going on).  This is the part of me that wishes I was more Type A.   Now is a great time, the best time, to practice the lifestyle I want when we finally "start" our new life here.  That feels good to think about and I'm sure it will only be better when I'm doing/living it!

* images - from our latest lunch date with Zack.  This playground is 5 minutes away and right next to his work. They are of our little tree hugger, exploring the big train, loving swinging with dad, he climbed on to the teetery toy thing himself, my boys climbing through the sign, O baby waving.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I'm excited for this week!

...  There's no progress on the house hunting front but after many long discussions about it, we finally have agreed on what we want.  Now, I am really calm about the whole thing. 

...  I decided that this week is going to be a good week.  And so it will be.  I have the whole week planned out but not with things that will crush me if I fail.  Its just that I'm finding that in this Seattle rain I must have things planned.  I'm getting used to this new lifestyle (and new its SO is for me).  In NYC if it was raining, I'd swiftly cancel or postpone my plans.  The world is just gross out there in the NYC rain.  But here, I have a car, and the world is much cleaner so I actually feel like a kid again and can't wait to rush out into the rain!  So, if you thought the rainy gloominess of this coastal area might get to us well, its not.  So, as I said above, this week is going to be a good week.  I look forward to sharing all about it.

...  Finally, about the picture above - I bet you can imagine why my boy has such a satisfied and mischievous grin on his face.  Well, if you must know, check the Baby's Blog for the gross story and other updates/photos.

Happy Week to you!

ps.  Thank you for all of your nice comments and happy wishes as I've made an appearance back in this space.  I appreciate the warm welcome back!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Zack has a google voice account that he uses regularly.  When he gets a message it emails him the text.  It isn't always very accurate - at all.  Here is one of the voice messages I left for him.  They crack me up.  This one made me cry.  I was laughing so hard trying to read it out loud.  Enjoy!

Its better if you read it out loud.

Hi there, My name is, it's. I for regular cheaper domain whatever you want. 
I need it.Ohh, Hi Big Guy,Hello, hey hey, from. You see. Hello. Hello. 
 Hello. Hello, hey but.Hey, before HI HI Hey please. Lou,Paul hey. Well, hi.  
So, the just square. Bye Bye. Hey, work Yeah, Hello. I don't know, alright, finish your faster almost so.

//  Don't worry there is more where that came from!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthdate!

O, my boy.  He's almost 2!
This boy is seriously a sweet soul.  There is just something about him.
He is just so good.  Really.  I just hope we can help him stay this way.

//  Check out the Baby's Blog for more recent updates of our boy.