Friday, September 30, 2011

NYC Fashion District

Probably my favorite thing I've done while my boys are away is that I went to the Fashion District, finally.  I had specific fabric colors and types in mind and I wanted specific trims too.  I knew I would be tempted with all of the options in all of the stores so I was glad when I was a very focused shopper.  I ended up getting great deals, too.   And while I didn't go shopping for neons, spandex, or sequins like you see above, I did enjoy all of it and more on my adventure.

I never knew where to shop for fabric in New York City, but now I do.  My friend met up with me to  shop around.  She showed me her favorite trim shops and we were both successful in our hunt.  Here are some of my new favorite fabric shops in the fashion district NYC:  Daytona 39th St., Mood 37th St., the fabric store right under the Beckenstein's Men's Fabric sign 39th St.,  all the trim shops on 38th St. btwn 8th & 7th Avenues, Joyce 38th btwn 6th Ave. & Bway, M&J Trimming 1008 6th Ave., Purl Soho 459 Broome St. There are many more but these were ones that I found good deals and exactly what I was looking for. 

//  I found everything I was looking for and now, I can't wait to get sewing!

Daily Holidays : October

*   Here they are again.  These are the daily holidays of October.  I look forward to celebrating a few. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

a lot to do

 Odin waving from his car seat at the airport.  Its only midnight and he is still as chipper as they come.  Oh, my cute boy.

I'm going to have a great weekend and it starts today.  I am riding solo until Monday and couldn't be more excited about it.  I have so many things on my list and I hope to finish and share lots of the them.  

The boys went away for the weekend.  Zack offered to bring Odin and I was all over that idea.  So, here I am, left to sew all day long, go running at any hour of the day, shower first thing in the morning, eat when I want and not after I've fed the sidekick.  This is our first time being separated over night.  We'll see how I do.  It will definitely make it much easier knowing he's with his dad. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

laundry fail

Lately we've been using drying racks to dry our laundry.  But with the 10 loads (accumulated before a vacation + vacation laundry) that I have managed to do in the last 2 days, there was need for more drying space.  I had the brilliant idea to make my own clothesline.  After scouring the drawers, cupboards and closets for some rope, I found none.  I did find duck tape, though.  To make this story short because in all honesty this idea was short lived, the duck tape clothesline stretched apart and fell.  This happened not once, but 4 more times until I decided to give up and use the dryer.  Luckily the weather wasn't too hot so it wasn't too bad.

Note to self:  Don't waste so much duck tape next time.  Go out and get some rope or, better yet, just wait and don't do so much laundry at a time.  Silly!

Note taken!

What a night!

It was a good day yesterday and I really wanted to have a good Tuesday night.  Zack is taking Odin with him on a business trip and leaving me all alone this weekend.  So, I wanted to spend some good time with him when he got home from work.

This is where the night got interesting.  Zack got home late, as always and I had no energy to do anything, as always.  And as much as I tried to get some energy back, I ended up going to bed at 10 and fell asleep shortly after.  I was fast asleep when Zack came to bed and woke me up to tell me what had just happened.  He found Odin in his crib naked and poopy again.  I was really happy that I got to sit this one out.  Zack cleaned up everything and bathed the boy.

Zack soon fell asleep.  I, however, could not go back to sleep, which is always the case if I'm awoken.  I probably stayed awake until 3AM or so and then managed to doze off.  THEN, we were both awaken to 2 gunshots out side our window.  We both bolted out of bed just in case and were awake for a bit, waiting and listening.  It was scary and silent for a long time so, we soon went back to bed. 

Finally I slept...

Morning came too soon and although I tried to be happy as Zack was saying good bye for the day.  I was just too tired.  Its a good thing I can redo our goodbye when I take the baby to him before they go to the airport later.  When I get home from that, I will sleep, very early tonight.

//  I must rest up for a jam-packed weekend alone!  I can hardly stand the idea and the reality of it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My son is not an infant anymore but I still like him to wear onesies.  I think I am worried about that time when he took his diaper off and got poo all over.  And onesies are just cute.  But as a friend recently posted about disliking the typical baby boy decor for onesies, I too feel the same.  However when I saw these I thought they were pretty cool.

When my sister was visiting last month, she came home from the MoMA and told me about a cool book of iron-ons.  I looked it up, liked it and bought it.  A couple weeks later, my boy has some new onesies.  I have some long sleeve ones still to use so, if I like them on him, I'll make some more, if not, I have another idea I'm planning on trying.

*  The onesies were totally affordable and the Sukie iron-ons super easy to do.  Give it a try!

//  I used to not care what my baby looked like but I'm starting to these days.  That's probable because he's walking now and nothing is more cute than an adorably dressed boy toddling around, his big diapered booty sticking up in the air as he gets up from a fall.  I want my boy to look good!  I am sort of on a quest to find cute clothes for him.  I mean, every 6 months his wardrobe literally changes as he grows so much.  Its pretty fun.  I wish I could justify changing my own wardrobe that often.  But, then we'd be having some TROUBLE$.

This project is part of my 29 things before I turn 30 list.  
Click here to see all of the projects and other posts related to 
the list.  All items listed are a wide array of personal challenges.
I look forward to bettering myself this, my 29th year of life!

Monday, September 26, 2011


My etsy shop LMT - Handmade is now open!

I'm so excited about my new shop.  I have lots of plans for it so check back often.  Also, I will be adding more products in the coming days.  All shop news and promos will be offered through this blog.  Feel free to spread the word!

our Anniversary Date

image from our visit to the Vermont Country Store, Rockingham, VT

 If this bridge doesn't scream love, I don't know what else does.  I mean, we actually parked the car, still running, and blocked the road (no traffic) just to get out and take kissing picture.  Perfectly appropriate for this anniversary date, don't you think?  I like kissing spots.  Have you seen those Kiss and Ride signs at some train stations?  I love them!  Love is a good thing and I am really enjoying celebrating these monthly anniversary dates. 

* Every month on our Wedding Anniversary Date we like to celebrate.  We try to do something or go somewhere extra special together.  Love is awesome and I believe it should be celebrated. Here's to many happy Anniversary Dates!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday skirts :: dress refashion

I am really happy to have this new skirt.  I refashioned it from a dress I had for a long time but only wore once.  I searched all over the place for some thick elastic and was so happy that I found some on  Now, all I have to do is figure out what else to use my 9 yards of thick black elastic for.  This was such an easy refashion, especially for me, a beginner!

This project is part of my 29 things before I turn 30 list.  
Click here to see all of the projects and other posts related to 
the list.  All items listed are a wide array of personal challenges.
I look forward to bettering myself this, my 29th year of life!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

lovely humid Saturday

It was a good day, after that little morning treat we found in Odin's crib.  We went to Crafts on Columbus which is next weekend too.  My favorite item were these hats.  We ate at Sarabeth's and I devoured the lemon ricotta pancakes which are my favorite.  Then we ventured down towards the new Century 21.  We didn't last long there since it was the first weekend it was open to the public and rightfully so the crowds were insane.  We walked a bit more taking pictures of some of our favorite NYC sites and then called it a day.

Needless to say, I was eager to get home!  I've been battling a little cold the last couple of days.  Let's just say, those few hours that I have energy, I forget completely that I felt bad.  I get a lot done and then it hits me again in the evening.  That cycle is no good and really annoying.  Because I was drained this evening, I missed out on visiting an old friend and participating in a much anticipated (by me) broadcast.  Its a good thing I can watch and read it later.  Here are some highlights.

//  Here's to a good rest of the weekend!  (And to a swift and full recovery for me and you others out there not feeling the best.) 

This morning...

 ...we found Odin like this.

naked, like no diaper.
doing his surprised/gasp, "oh" face.

At some point this morning he stripped down, took off his diaper (this is a first) and got his white sheets artistically streaked with poop.  It was pretty awesome that he accomplished all of this.  Now, I know why he was being so quiet.  Oh, my little boy!

*  I was so glad Zack was home.  He bathed him and I cleaned up the mess, which wasn't bad, considering.  We all managed to laugh about it (behind Odin's back, of course) and continue on with a great day.  Is this what its like, motherhood? 

//  Okay, I can do this...  I keep having to tell my self that.

pieces of progress

Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer 2011 Book : July - Aug

This is the last post about my summer mini book before I put it away.  After waiting a long time for the pictures to be printed, this book is finally complete.  It is so big, too big.  I think I'll do it differently this Fall.  I'll share that bit later.  You can check out part 1 of my summer 2011 mini book here.

//  I loved doing this mini book.  I bought it from Elise.  And she has a fantastic Fall one too.  I am making my own Fall mini book that I'll be sharing later.  These books are such fun projects.  You don't need anything but paper and string to make them.  You just collect and document as you go and they can be as simple as that.  Its so fun looking back on the events of my life in this way.