Saturday, June 30, 2012

reasons to celebrate in July

Besides the arrival of our daughter (!) there are a few other dates to keep in mind.  

I like celebrating the little things in life.  So, here are the daily holidays I'll be referring to this month.  Good bye, June...  I can't believe July is already here!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

feeling it

I'm really feeling it these days!
38 weeks and I'm ready.
Blogging will be sparse in the next little while as we spend a lot of time together and resting before this little girl joins our family.  I'll be back soon with THE NEWS.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

anniversary date

Every 26th of the month we like to celebrate our wedding anniversary date.  We usually go out to eat or take a walk somewhere together.  Its never a big deal but it is always special.  

Happy Anniversary Date, Love.

**  this anniversary date marks the last of us being parents to one child.  its a pretty big though to imagine having 2 kids by this time next month.  it is also our last month of our 3rd year of marriage.  i am reflecting a lot on our relationship and the many ways we've grown this past year.  i am so happy that i found the perfect match for me.  Zack has done so much for me and our family through out this pregnancy.  i am, in all honesty, constantly reminded of the amazing man i married.  he has kept us all happy and sane through these last 9 months.  he's such a wonderful man!  i still can't believe he's mine  **

Monday, June 25, 2012

weekend goodness

We had a lovely weekend.  I wish we could report some exciting baby news but that will have to wait.  Instead I'll say that we had a ton of fun with our little guy, we're trying to get in a whole lot of that lately.  He is getting so crazy and fun!  I mean, he already was cute and fun but now he's starting to talk  a lot and play cute little games with us and be so sweet and helpful.  It is a blast.

... on the baby front:  there is some progress but not enough to produce a baby, obviously.  this week I'll surely be cleaning and walking a lot to try to help move things along.  Zack's been busy with work so we're lucky that she hasn't come quite yet.  however, we are all getting anxious and can't wait to meet her and announce her arrival.

... summer is here!  there have been some lovely days of sun and warmth here but mostly it is just classic Seattle - gloomy and rainy weather.  I decided that the best way to get through the normal rainy days is to look forward to the occasional "sun storm".  I usually look forward to a rain storm here and there or in the winter a blizzard but here its the sun storms that I want!  we'll see how well this idea works for my happy levels.

...  have I mentioned that my dad does a lot of business here.  he comes ever few months so that means we get to see him that often.  it is so nice to get these little visits.  it feels like he's just a few hours away.    this time he brought some fun treats, he's so good at that.  we are so glad we got to spend some time with him this weekend.

Here's to a great 38th week of pregnancy!  
I hope you have a good one too.

Friday, June 22, 2012

little lists: preparing for baby and after

I may have posted the daily and monthly holidays for June but in our house June has really been preparing-for-baby month.  Since having one child rocked our world and changed it completely (in a good way) I am anticipating the same to happen with number two.  I have a good idea what to expect in certain areas of life and to have those thoughts on the surface I'm going to share them all here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

37 weeks

There is no looking past this belly.  It is large.
I can't wait to have this baby, to meet her and to take pictures of her and us.
 3 weeks to due date... Hooray!
ps.  do you see Odin holding his belly?  when we ask him where the baby is he lifts up his shirt and shows us his belly.  Its been fun trying to help him realize what's going on... we'll see if he indeed gets it soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

viewing list for the nocturnal creature

One thing I remember from when Odin was born is that nighttime is a long and lonely time.  I remember that I woke to feed the baby several times each night and never really got a good night's rest for the first few weeks.  I'm counting on that again and dreading it big time.

Here are some things I'll do during those wee hours of the night.   Its the viewing list for the nocturnal creature or the new nursing mother:

... watch love in the wild
... watch merlin
... watch the glee project
... watch downton abby
... watch vidal sassoon: the movie recommended by Rubi
... watch the olympics of course
... watch the bachelorette
... watch breaking point
... watch shark tank

... read the ensign, conference talks and this
... read my favorite posts saved on my reader

* note: there is nothing included in this list about food or that I have to hold and read...  those things would not be helpful so late at night when I am trying to stay alert while nursing.  AND, really I made this list so I have a quick and easy one-stop shop for the links - no typing necessary. *

... Another thing I know is that Zack sleeps like a rock!  Usually it is a little un-nerving but, in this case I'm so glad since I'll count on him being able to function during the days.  We are in for another major adjustment as we won't have the luxury of staying in bed all day this time.  Our toddler will remind us of this.  :-)

making it home : ideas for diy projects

I still don't feel completely moved in and settled in this house.  Its a little bigger than we're used to so figuring out how to fill spaces like walls and floors has been a challenge.  Here are some little things I'd like to try my hand at to help my home better function with a little style and personality.  These ideas will be good and realistic possibilities for small touches and additions to the house...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a busy week of attention and waiting

I look forward to the blog post where I announce the arrival of our baby girl.  But for now I am really trying to enjoy the last days of my family of 3.  I am happy to report that compared to my last pregnancy at this time my body is further along.  So, we are on guard a little earlier this time around and expecting labor to start any day.  (silly me, aren't we all expecting that those last weeks)

By Sunday night this week had filled with play dates, appointments and many little chores and errands that need to be done before the baby comes.  It has been great to have so much to look forward to everyday.  Knowing that the extra running around will help the body progress even more is encouraging and keeps my energy levels high.

I think Odin is understanding what is going on.  He has finally started to want to feel the baby moving and he often pretends he has a baby in his belly, usually after he is full from a meal and his belly is bulging with cuteness.  (It's pretty cute.)  But really, I am praying that he has a good experience making the transition to big brother.  I just want him to feel loved and fully supported like he is when the baby comes.  I think he'll be fine, I really do, but I think the extra hugs and park dates and cookies are helping remind him that we love him so much.

I love this picture above... its from when Zack took Odin to the father-son's campout with our church.  I was shocked when he ran over to give me a big long squeeze telling my "mama, bye" as they were leaving.  He has never had separation anxiety so I don't often get those 'please don't leave me' hugs.  I felt loved and have been more motivated to love him back even more since then.  I still feel that parenting is hard but really, that's how its supposed to be, just like life.  I finally get that!  And, I'm happier because I get to experience this so-called hard thing in my life.

I can't wait for our family to expand
I can't wait for the wonderful and rewarding hard things ahead...  :-)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

*** you are the best father.  the best! ***

   ... you teach your boy how to throw rocks into the ocean
   ... you have your son blow out your birthday candle and let him have the first bite
 ... you are the coolest dad because you make the biggest messes in 
our living room and then you play and swim and laugh in it for hours.
 ... you teach our boy how to relax in and love nature
 ... you introduce our son to gross things that I wouldn't play with.  this is a necessary part of childhood.
... no matter how tired you are you always find some way to play with and spend time with your boy the 
second you get home from work.  you must know how much he loves this time with you
... you have established special things that are just the two of yours like eating nuts (pistachios)
 ... you read stories and tell the best stories and Odin really loves the time he gets with you when 
YOU read to him.  btw, you read books much better than I ever could.
... you always share your favorite and new things with your son.  
... you encourage him to play and be cute and he loves the attention you are always willing to give him.
 ... you help Odin accomplish the things he really wants to try.  
... you are always there to teach him and play with him.
... you're always up for taking Odin to awesome things like father-son camp outs when he is barely 2 years old.  
this just shows how much it means to you to be a dad and to a son at that.
 ... you are always excited to take your little buddy anywhere in any condition so you can capture the moment with him and for him to always have.  he must have felt like such a big boy up high with that view from the big boat.  
... you always are wanting him to have the best time possible
... you knew he had to see and pet the horses (he's currently obsessed) so you didn't even worry about capturing the moment.  
you just took him without a camera in hand but lucky for us all, I was able to capture these precious moments on camera.  
... can't you just see the happiness on his face?  you were his hero, as you ALWAYS are.

I'll say it again:  
*** you are the best dad.  THE BEST! ***

father's day

I like this holiday. 
I am so glad I have a dad and that we are close and that we get to see each other often now.  

Happy Father's Day,  DAD!  
(he reads my blog, how cool is he?) 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

a most productive day

We managed to get a ton done today.

everyone had breakfast
garage sales
hung out with friends
played out side
sold some stuff
painted a ton
organized baby things
played some more
cleaned a little :-)

We're celebrating Father's Day tomorrow by taking Zack to a special place.  
I can't wait to tell you all about it and show you the fun we had.  

Happy Weekend to you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

new fabric = new projects

I am thriving on color as I mentioned recently.  These new fabrics are such happy colors and I'm so excited to whip up some simple pretty things with them.  I'll make swaddling blankets - fuchsia, peach/pink, yellow, white and a nursing shirt/cover - lime and 2 new blankets (this is his favorite fabric) for Odin - gifts from his little sister.  I already have one done and it didn't take much time at all.   I think I'm even going to try stamping perhaps the yellow fabric like my friend Amy did.

Here's to happy pre-baby sewing!

fruit for a party

I was really hopeful when I offered to bring a bunch of cut up fruit for a little party with some friends.  The last time I did this I went in to labor with Odin and my fruit never made it to the event.  This meant that I ended up with a fridge full of cut up fruit waiting for when I would be recovering, nursing and appreciating the quick and tasty nutrition.  I thought it would be the perfect scenario this time around too.

No such luck this time.  The party has been enjoyed, the fruit devoured and the baby still baking away in my belly.  It was worth a hopeful shot, at least.  :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

flag day

Today was flag day.  We flew ours high and proud.  Did you?
I'm excited for July to come and not only because it means we'll have a new baby.  
Its the patriotic month in my mind and everything about it feels like summer.  
I am really looking forward to the summer stretch of weather that I've been told is on its way here...

toast soldiers

These toast soldiers are with cream cheese + strawberry jam.  
My favorite way to have bagels but we also east it with toast.  Try it!

* more toast soldier posts HERE *

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

color changes everything

I used to be a pretty bland dresser and decorator but since being here all I want in my life, wardrobe and home is COLOR!  The green is lovely here but when it is always wet, other colors need to shine through.  I've made it a point to have colorful fresh flowers in my kitchen as often as I can.  And these are the flowers of choice this week.  I'm telling you, this color in my kitchen changes everything!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i see a teenager

Sometimes I look at my boy and I see a teenager.  Its probably his Justin Bieber-like, long and overgrown hair but sometimes I get glimpses of him as a teenager.  I am sure he'll have learned how to wipe any moisture off of his face by then.  In the meantime, I'll just enjoy my little rambunctious son.
...  oh, his personality!

Monday, June 11, 2012

parenthood is hard

I can honestly say that I am so grateful that I get to experience motherhood.  
I get to love and be loved in such a pure way.  
I am one lucky girl and I know it. 

However, parenting is so hard!  Is there a manual?

warning: this is a long post of the ranting nature

sunshine brings a new week

Zack spent so much time with Odin this weekend which was a wonderful break for me.  I mean he's the cutest kid ever.  ( I love it when he does total cute boyish things like lining up his cars and trucks)  I can't believe how good and fun and nice and helpful he is but still, I am always tired and a break is like heaven for me.  Having said that, I'm so glad last week is over.  And while the weekend was long and relaxing, I'm glad it is over too.  
The sun is shining on the forecast for the next couple days and I'm going to hold nature to it!

Happy Week, to you!

//  a side note:  we got our very first American flag this weekend to put up on our very first house.  This week on the 14th its Flag Day!  We are really looking forward to putting it up with pride.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

like a kid

It rains A LOT here, like everyday with out stopping.  At least that is what it feels like.  I am just glad that several times this week it poured.  That was much better than the constant drizzly mist that it usually is.  So, needless to say, the park saved us one evening this week.  We all teeter-tottered together and it was so hilarious and fun.  Odin had a blast on the big slide - I don't know why he insists on going down on his stomach, his shirt is always up and he's gotta get a slide-burn.  It was all a ton of fun.  I hadn't laughed that hard for months.  I felt like a kid.

by this day next month

By this day next month, I hope we have gotten to experience this again... receiving our new baby.

I am so excited and anxious I can
hardly stand it!  Hurry time, please.

Friday, June 8, 2012

29 things list updated

I almost forgot about my 29 things before I turn 30 list?  Well that 30th birthday is coming up in the next couple of months and the list deserves an update... well, really it needs a reality check.  haha.  So, here's the update: the list has been changed "to"9 things!  Get it?!

While I was serious about accomplishing these things, I didn't plan on a cross-country move or a pregnancy.  Even though I got a few items completed, the truth is that there is no way I am going to accomplish all that I wanted to.  I'm excited about this revised list!

1.  refashion something for me
2.  kids room decorated + find a kitchen table
3.  be on time to church each week
4.  fill my 120 page journal
5.  weed + plant some flowers  
6.  play the guitar and sing with my boys
7.  make some homemade bread
8.  sew something for my son and daughter
9.  read a book

Thursday, June 7, 2012

my pregnancy essentials

During the short time of pregnancy and the nursing days I do my best to be the healthiest I can.  At the same time, I try to be most comfortable and relaxed and to feel prepared for the changes and challenges that accompany these days.  Every mom has her own list but these items are some of my favorite pregnancy essentials.

I actually have and use all of these:  
1. sandals - so comfy and even cute however getting harder to buckle,
2. eye makeup remover + Q-tips - since I don't always feel like removing eye makeup at night this is such an easy alternative, usually in the morning
3. gummy bears - the perfect little treat, I eat handfulls of these and it just makes me so happy
4. klean kanteen - I have one for my car and one at my bedside - I seriously love these,
5. kiehl's eye cream, - you gotta dab this stuff on and it does depuffing wonders!  you can even keep it in the fridge for extra impact
6. rosebud salve - I have several of these - in the car, purse, makeup drawer, kitchen drawer etc.  I even use it on my son if he has anything chapped too.
7. concealer stick - I apply this under my eyes and on the lids after the eye cream and it takes away any sign of tiredness.  will totally come in handy once the baby is born too,
8. gum - in my purse and on my bedside for when I get nauseous/hungry or heartburn - it stimulates the digestive juices so the problem is lessened with out having to take pills or get up to eat, 
9. clarisonic plus facial cleansing brush - has kept me with pretty clear skin considering I've had some problems this time around,
10. maxi dresses - so easy, so comfortable, so flattering with a long cardigan,
11. whole milk for late night hunger pains - organic milk only when I'm pregnant and nursing,
12. stretchy sandals  - actually mine are bright yellow - so comfy and easy to put on,
13. kiehl's moisturizer jar - I haven't gotten stretch marks yet and I'd like to think that this stuff has helped.
Not pictured but no less essential: pedicures every once in a while but especially in the last 2 months or so - oh, the massage does my tired feet and poor circulation good.
ALSO, a body pillow and 2 king sized pillows... sounds excessive but it has made sleep manageable this time around.  I'll give Zack his pillow back when the baby is here :-)

What were/are your pregnancy essentials?