Monday, December 3, 2012

thanksgiving with friends

Now is the time to write about our Thanksgiving fun.  We've made some awesome friends that we're going to keep forever.  Before we all left on our Thanksgiving vacations we all got together for a pre-Thanksgiving feast.  If you ask me, I think its the best idea.  I love Thanksgiving foods and it was nice to get to taste it two different times rather than stuff my face all at once.

A couple families slept over night and we had a blast.  We spent the time cooking, laughing, playing games, four-wheeling and eating all of the goodness.  There were so many tasty foods and pies.  And there were tons of kids!  I highly recommend doing a pre-Thanksgiving feast next year.  I might even consider a pre pre-Thanksgiving feast.  Thats how much I loved it.

You can see more pictures that Zack took on Facebook.


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